thermal spray coatings for high temperature corrosion

corrosion performance in biomass boiler conditions, both in laboratory conditions and in real biomass boilers. According to this research, the tested HVOF sprayed nickel- and iron-based coatings can offer protection for low-alloy substrates in biomass boiler conditions. …

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MaxMulti Plus Anti-Corrosion Boiler Multifuel flexibility in biomass boiler combustion is a basic requirement for biomass power plants in many countries, given the variable nature of the fuel supply for most power plants. 10 years of experience in China have clearly shown that this variability and the quality of fuels most commonly used are the main causes of high levels of boiler corrosion.

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For existing plants, boiler remediation options have been developed using patented 'on the spot' welding techniques for application of Inconel cladding. This will significantly extend the lifecycle of key pressure parts by protecting them against high temperature corrosion. Detailed Major Boiler Redesign Boiler and Superheater configuration

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