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The boiler water circulation pump is to start the system, the feed water pump is in the water supply system. In the process of starting a direct current furnace, the boiler pump is the minimum flow rate, 600t/h or so. Boiler Feed Pump is the foundation of safe and stable operation of boiler, and is the guarantee of boiler feedwater.

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Annual Low Pressure Boiler Inspection Review List

By signing this form, I acknowledge my understanding that approval of this installation is contingent upon compliance with all of the requirements (including any relating to inancial responsibility) of Act 85, Boiler and Unired Pressure Vessel Law (35 P.S. §§ 1331.1-1331-21) and the Boiler and Unfired Pressure

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The electric wet wound motors providing the drive to the pump are 2-pole 500Kw motors operating off 6Kv voltage. The plant comprises three identical units, each of 650 MW gross capacities. The plant will be cooled by a once-through cooling system using water from the Nile River. Accommodates fluids to the highest boiler temperatures and pressures.

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